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System Mentors

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Business Mentoring

Is your business just ticking over and meeting today's needs? What about tomorrow?
Are you prepared to move to the next level?
Is your business ready to grow with you?

Systems Mentors' Mentoring for Growth consultancy will elevate your business success and give you greater confidence and capability as a business owner.

The Mentoring for Growth is a structured and supported approach to achieving your business objectives. Systems Mentors will recommend improvements to your organisation and systems. I will work with you one-on-one to:

    Assist you to implement improvements

    Conduct customised training with you and your team

    Define, create and monitor your financial plans and reports

    Mentor you to achieve your goals

My approach has three key elements:

    OPTIMISE your business procedures, management and office systems and MYOB data file

    ELEVATE your team's skills and capabilities to achieve productivity and efficiency

    MENTOR your business financial outcomes to achieve success

Optimise your business

I understand through my experience of working with business owners that you have already invested in two key assets of your business: your people and your management tools. In the initial phase of the Mentoring for Growth consultation we review the way your people and business tools work together.

By reviewing your organisation structure, optimising your MYOB data file, introducing documented processes designed to define responsibilities and create a culture of accountability, your business activities are streamlined and efficiency is optimised.

Elevate your skills and capabilities

Building on the success of business optimisation, elevation of the skills and capabilities of your team to achieve productivity and efficiency improvements is the next phase of your businesses Mentoring for Growth.

Combining MYOB software and accounting training with customised training that is in synergy with your own business procedures and work instructions, Systems Mentors' experienced trainers will guide your team through an outcomes focused training plan.

Mentoring for business outcomes

With your business poised for growth and coupled with practical guidance I will assist you to monitor your business financials and reports. Meeting with me each month to review and monitor your financials, you will be able to make real time changes to ensure that you stay on track with your targets.

Systems Mentors live, unique and flexible forecasting tool is customised with your business data including:

    Sales Plan

    Employee Plan

    Debtor Payment Plan

    Creditor Payment Plan

    Tax Office Payment Plan

    Profit & Loss Plan

    Cash Flow Plan

The basis of these is updated whenever your business objectives change and the forecasting tool extracts data directly from your MYOB file. Your MYOB data then automatically updates the previously projected financial objectives with the actual outcomes you have achieved.

In these ways we regard your forecast tool as a "live" file.

From your customised forecasting tool Systems Mentors is able to produce a budget and cash flow projection for the periods ahead, and a suite of reports each month, giving you visibility and confidence in your financials.

As well as the plans, Systems Mentors has a report suite that includes:

    Executive Summary; a snapshot of the financial information you have identified as critical to evaluation of your objectives
        and key performance indicators. The Executive Summary comprises:

             - A snapshop summary of bank account balances and cash availability
             - A snapshot summary of profitability and performance
             - The Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actuals for reporting month and year to date displayed
                in ratios and graphically for ease of interpretation

    Break Even; identifying your breakeven position equips you with the knowledge of minimum sales levels

    Return on Investment; understanding and monitoring the return on your invested capital ensures that your business is able
        to grow in line with your projections

    Working Capital; monitoring the working capital of the business ensures that the business has sufficient cash available for
        the day-to-day operations and business growth

Systems Mentors - helping your business prepare for growth!!