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Cashflow and Budgets

To be a successful business manager you need a Business Management Toolkit that includes:

    A budget that is updated as the business circumstances change

    A cashflow projection that includes actual and projected figures

    Accurate reports and the support to interpret and understand them specific to your business

Do you have the tools?!

To ensure that your business growth is supported to achieve successes, you need to harness your budgets and cashflow to make your business funds work their best for you.

At Systems Mentors we know that budget and cashflow performance are key indicators of the true health of your business. We will work with you to develop a realistic budget, harness your cashflow and gain greater control over your business.

Having a budget provides visibility and control

A budget is a measuring tool for monitoring the business performance. Monitoring your budget will show you if you are deviating up or down from your plan. The big impact is that you are able to take real time action to variations your business is experiencing before they become unmanageable.

It also ensures integrity in the bookkeeping process and gives you greater understanding of the profitability of the business - the heart beat!

A budget enables you to compare performance during a period of time - a month, quarter, year - with another period and thereby identify and understand trends.

A proactive business manager reviews financial information regularly to plan ahead for problems that the business may encounter, or to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

A reactive business manager is not able to look ahead and responds to problems when it impacts on the business, usually without the benefit of time to minimise its effects. A reactive business manager is continually spending their valuable time putting out fires.

Proactive business managers are more likely to steer the ship towards successes rather than collisions.

Harnessing Cashflow

Cashflow is the life blood of the business. A reliable cashflow displays funds received from income and funds paid out for the cost of goods and expenses. It also displays how the net profits are used to pay overheads such as GST and PAYG, loan repayments, transfers between accounts, superannuation etc.

Maintaining a realistic budget ensures your cashflow identifies when you need to make payments and what funds you will need. Monitoring your cashflow allows you to plan ahead for fund surpluses and deficits.

By creating a realistic budget, and maintaining your forecast, if your business cashflow displays negative figures you can proactively revisit your business plan and income streams to troubleshoot the issue.

Peace of mind.

Keeping your forecast real

A forecast is a prediction of how events may unfold based on the knowledge you have from actual experience. The most effective forecast tools are those that update future projections based on hard data from actual events.

Systems Mentors applies this principal to cashflow development. Systems Mentors use actual, historical data from your MYOB data file and evaluate it within the structure of your budget and business management plans. As a result, Systems Mentors can provide you with a realistic, evolving and reliable cashflow forecast into the future.

Business Management Toolkit

The Business Management Toolkit provides the infrastructure for successful, supported business growth. With the right tools in place you will:

    Have greater peace of mind; achieving a work/life balance is easier when you have control over your business

    Understand how a successful business grows and be able to implement strategies for your own business growth

    Identify opportunities to improve the profitability, sell more in your most profitable areas; work smarter, not harder

    Monitor the wins and losses in your business, giving you insight into how to grow your business from the lessons learned

Systems Mentors - an integral element of your Business Management Toolkit