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System Mentors

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Personalised One-on-One Bookkeeping Services

Are you looking for a Bookkeeper who is your own personal bookkeeper? One person who you communicate with, one person working on your finances and one person learning your personal requirements. That is the service I offer............

I'm not building a big bookkeeping business, I've been there done that!! I find it personally satisfying to work one-on-one with my business owners and provide them with a thorough bookkeeping service and the support they need at the times they need it.

Get the support you need when you need it!

I've been managing and involved with businesses for over 20 years and business is my passion. I understand that getting away from your busy work schedule during business hours is difficult and adds stress to your day. My services are provided on weekends for your convenience, that's my dedication to supporting my business owners. I can work from your premises or mine, whatever suits your requirements.

Everyday Bookkeeping Services

    Aged Receivables (your customers)

    Aged Payables (your suppliers)

    Bank reconciliations

    Payroll, payroll tax and staff superannuation

    End-of-year reconciliations, roll overs and payment summaries

    Inventory management

    Balance Sheet, Capital Acquisitions and Disposals

Compliance Bookkeeping Services

    End of period BAS reconciliations;ensure the data you submit on your BAS is accurate

    Staff Superannuation linked accounts reconciliations; is the amount in your linked superannuation account the same as what
    you are saying you owe on behalf of your employees?

    End of year balance sheet reconciliations; hand over an accurate set of accounts to your accountant to minimise paying your
    accountant to clean up your errors

    Balance Sheet, Capital Acquisitions and Disposals



Other complimentary services I offer

    Business Systems: creating systems that enable you to work more efficiently

    Financial Controller: hand over the headache to someone you learn to trust

    Profit Analysis: monitoring how profitable you are

    Profit Optimisation: mentoring on how you can be more profitable

    Cash Flow Management: monitoring your cash position

    Cash Flow Projections: looking ahead to when you need the cash the most

    MYOB Certified Consultant

Systems Mentors - your personal bookkeeping support!!